CEO and founder of Tim Stuyts Inc.

Tim Stuyts is the founder of Tim Stuyts Inc. and his experience spans back to 2008, a time that is considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Tim’s professional career began as a trader who traded his own account before he started working as trader and analyst for financial institutions. In 2013 he graduated at the Erasmus University Rotterdam with a Master in Finance and Investments. He graduated top of his year in Risk Management and when managing his portfolio Risk Management is the most important aspect, all trades are therefore executed based on a disciplined trade plan.

Leading in his view on the market is structure by means of the Wave Theory of Ralph Nelson Elliott. The structure of each wave explains a big deal about the market and what to expect next. Nevertheless to come to high probability trades Tim studied many different technical analyses theories to find confluence. The tools Tim uses for his trading are a closed end regression model that resulted in a strength indicator which he created himself in early 2012. He is also a big fan of hard data that helps understanding market dynamic and the characteristics of each currency pair.

Tim is passionate about trading, he loves what he is doing and we hope he can motivate you with his energy and vision of the market.