Timstuyts.com will provide a trading course to become a successful trader.

Elliott Wave: Here at timstuyts.com, we believe that market price leads the economy and all else and that market price is governed by the Wave Principle. The Elliott Wave Principle is the nature of the market and it could not have been any other way. The Elliott Wave Principle tells you where you are in relation to the largest fractal available and where you will most likely go in the near and far future. It is a leading indicator.

All other forms of technical analysis are also taught here at timstuyts.com. We teach Chart Analysis, Technical Indicators and Overlays, Market and Sentiment Indicators. We integrate all this within the Elliott Wave Principle.

Even though we use sentiment indicators, such as the $CPC CBOE Total Put/Call ratio, we gage sentiment by the study of the inter-market relationship of the 4 asset classes: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies. This along with the Elliott Wave Principle gives you a great view of the way the inter-market relationships move. Not only does value rotate around the assets classes in predictable patterns but they also rotate internally depending on market sentiment. Sector rotation within assets classes tell you a lot about market sentiment. For example, if you wake up in the morning and all the Yen pairs are blood red, with the CAD, Aussie, NZD taking the brunt of it, and the Franc, Buck and Pound in line behind the Yen, you can be rest assured markets are in full panic.

Here at timstuyts.com we believe the only way to deal with market psychology is by following a strict trading plan. Investment psychology is different from the market psychology of supply and demand. According to the law of supply and demand, if the price of something goes down, people buy more and when the price goes up they do not want to buy it or buy less of it. With investment psychology, things are very different. When a stock is soaring high, everyone wants to buy it. They catch the feel good feeling coming from the higher stock markets and want in, and when stocks are down in the dirt, no one wants to buy. Just think of what is happening. Think of the psychology. When stocks are down; people fear. In contrast when oranges are down, people feel good and buy. This is the opposite of what most think is taking place. There is only one method that can explain this apparent dichotomy—The Elliott Wave Principle.

It is this herd mentality that one must learn to go against. Fear and greed are two things one must learn to conquer before becoming a good trader. The best way to do this is by following a disciplined trade plan. Here at timstuyts.com we guide you through a trading plan designed for you using your preferred method along with the Elliott Wave Principle.

Market Analysis Course

By means of my Market analysis course you will get more details about the method that has proved to produce a steady income that meets and exceeds most working wages. Bill Williams, Charles Wheeler, Dinapoli, Robert Prechter among others were all successful trading their methods. But what if we can come up with something that puts that all together to create confluence? The course therefore exists out of 3 main topics:

  • Wave patterns; they show us the structure in the market. I use the Elliott Wave Principle to label these patterns that create structure.
  • Market dynamic; this helps to create context on what to look for in any specific time.
  • Inter market analysis; more complex but this provides us the context about what is going on in the bigger picture and what to expect from certain fundamentals.

The theory will come as downloadable files which you can study at your own pace. You will also have access to videos where each topic will be explained step by step and they can be watched at your own pace. You can also use these videos as examples, so you can look for comparable data in the charts.

The goal is to teach you all a top down approach on how to become an independent trader: Because in the end you need to be able:

  • To understand how to look at the market
  • What to look for in the market
  • What tools to use in trading

Trading Group

However, we encourage you to attend our trading group after the course, so that you can ask questions and interact with the coach and others trades. This group is the most important way to build confidence with your method. We ourselves learned how to use Technical Analysis before we became a good trader, but confidence came when we actually saw a pro using our method to trade and explain it step by step. To be able to see a pro applying a system you learned will give you the courage to apply your method and pull the Trigger.

Here at timstuyts.com we are primarily technical analysts. The Elliott Wave Principle is used to explain the nature of market price action in relation to the other technical overlays and indicators. Trade plans, with built in risk management, will be taught and reinforced through videos and webinars hosted by pro traders. There is only one way to control your fear and greed; and that is through a well devised trade plan. You will find that all technical methods have built in risk/reward management rules—and that the only way to control your emotions is by following your trade plan.